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Section 1 – Overview
The business offers bone carving workshops for individuals and groups. The safety of customers and staff has always been of upmost priority and since establishment in 1995 the business has operated continually and without incident. Taking pride in this safety record we here at Art @ Baycarving continually revise our health and safety policy as to ensure all steps are taken towards maintaining a fun yet safe operating environment.

Section 2 – Hazard Identification
The activity provided by Art @ Baycarving involves the use of power tools which are elsewhere commonly used in home and hobby activities. In addition to this, some manual handwork is involved in the later stages of sanding and finishing carvings. Customers require no prior experience in any of these activities to participate, nor do any of these activities present an undue danger in of themselves when using proper techniques. The presence of moving parts and abrasive surfaces do however present hazards which one must be mindful of at all times. Members of staff provide supervision at all stages of the carving process and instruct students on how to undertake each stage in a safe manner. If required, one-on-one help and explanation of certain processes are provided to ensure all students have a fun and fulfilling experience. It is however up to every individual student to follow given instructions. Art @ Baycarving will not be liable for any injuries or damage to property sustained due to reckless behavior on the part of a student or the failure to follow instructions given by a member of staff.

Section 3 – Hazard Management
In addition to complying with all instruction given by members of staff, students are strongly advised to also take the following steps:
Tie back long hair to prevent contact with power tools
Remove loose jewelry from the forearms, hands, and fingers
Wear the provided eye protection at all times when using power tools
Remain focused when using power tools
Limit unnecessary hand motions when using Dremel’s and avoid any contact with drill bit.

In the event of a fire or the sounding of the fire alarm, students should switch off any power tool in current use and otherwise cease carving. Emergency exits are located on either side of the building and are clearly marked. The assembly point in the case of an emergency is the monument at the War Memorial Park located behind the building.

In the event the Tsunami siren sounds, exit the building and follow the appropriate tsunami evacuation signposts that are located throughout the town.<br>

Roland Baumgart (Owner and Operator)