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We use cow bone for basic and group courses. Unlike many of the cheap bone carvings available in souvenir stores throughout New Zealand which have been bleached to produce an artificial white colour, we clean our bones naturally without the use of chemicals. This serves to protect both the bone’s natural structure and colour. As bone is a porous material, it is possible that oils absorbed over time may change the colour of your carving slightly.

I use different materials for my own work and stock a wide range of horns, deer antlers and even Kauri Gum. My most preferred material is Merino Ram horn because of its beautiful colour and fine structure (check the gallery for samples). Mentoring course students can chose from these materials for more challenging projects.

All carvings based on traditional designs have a special meaning. There are some different interpretations published and there is no scientific absoluteness available. We provide you with the meaning of your chosen design based on our experience and research.

The first step to create a carving is to choose a design based on shape and meaning. We provide a range of different designs for individual and group courses. The first practical work is shaping the bone with the help of power tools (Dremel). The next step is sanding off all tool marks and scratches, followed by smoothing with wet and dry sandpaper. The final process is polishing by hand. Each of these steps will be explained and help is given if required.